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blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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Burning like a thousand willow trees.

That one passion

It's good to have a passion, even better to cultivate it, to grow with it.

It will bloom into something more, something that will be with you until the end.

It's good to think about it...

a lot.

It's even better to enjoy every second of it...

too much.

It feels so right to always be thinking about it...

it feels so wrong that if people knew about it, it would come out as creepy or rude.

It feels me with joy to...

even for a second...

it hurts me deeply to know that it will never reach a conclusion.

I want it to never end, yet I would give anything for it to stop.

I just end up giving in to those twisted, unrealistic...

sweet and bubbly desires.

I'd love to make a move so it can end, but I don't want to know how.

This little obsession, a game of wanting possesion of something that will never be mine.

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