Swing of memories
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blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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Bipolar balancing with a third alternative.

Swing of memories

I sit in the old swing, in the old garden, under the old tree.

There's no point in just sitting there so I start swinging. It gets pretty fun, and I gain more momentum.

In front of me is light, the sun shining. Behind is dark, the shadow of the tree.

As I swing forwards happiness overwhelms me, warmth is spreading through my body, I remember all the wonderful moments of my life.

And then I start going backwards, and as I reach the shadow behind me, everything built up in the last ascent of just a couple of seconds ago is getting turned to rubble.

Everything around gets dark, I can only see the ground bellow, ready to open up and swallow me if I fall.

I keep swinging for a while, pendulating with my emotions.

Once I stop in the middle of the shadow and the light everything returns back to normal, to the usual apathy, and I finally remember why I never wanted to return to that place.

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