Sea of sorrow and soulless sentiments
Sea of sorrow and soulless sentiments water stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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And thus the sea parted and allowed the visitor to delight himself with the holy sight beneath, where loneliness is knowledge and beauty.

Sea of sorrow and soulless sentiments

Dazed you lift yourself up. You start your long walk on the damp dirt.

The puddles ripple as your eyes reflect in them, a single tear falling in each tiny yet significant body of water.

They get more and more frequent, the land begins to only show itself in secluded places.

You try jumping from a little island to another.

You think you failed, but the water doesn't give way beneath you it stays solid and wavy.

The first steps felt like leaps of fate, the next uncertain, and the ones after just ordinary.

Tears still fall and ripples that almost topple you form.

The water level rises under you, slowly engulfing you.

You keep stepping forward unintersted and blinded with tears.

Soon enough the water takes over and a few bubbles were your last words.

What did you say?

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