Oceanic nights
Oceanic nights memory stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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This marks the begging of my trek through literary currents, romanticism:

Oceanic nights

On the dull dark dock I cry my solemn prayers, holding out a hand to touch the gentle waves. I notice a pair of footprints, walking 'cross the ayres, but only one touches the water, and fellowship it craves.

In ebb and flow it vanished, and took to lands below, where no one else would wander, where darkness ruled it all. It lived there for millennia, until it felt it grow, the hole inside that always widened, in which it feared to fall.

A slow ascent through reefs of alabaster ruins, passing by pieces of the love it once held close shredding slivers of itself, all while pursuing, a stalwart fixed point of it's life, one that turned out false.

Washed ashore it sinks in the sand, I watch in awe, a memory incarnate walks before my staggered eyes, and it beckons me, it loosens it's ancient jaw, "I came, I heeded your desperate cries"

Sharp winds turn dull, warm breeze to cold, water runs deep within my veins, I feel it freezing, my icy tomb stares from inside, bringing back tales of old, and bring forth a frost coffin, my dread appeasing.

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