Listeners dilemma
Listeners dilemma listen stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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Be the one you learned to stop hearing.

Listeners dilemma

You may be sick of always listening to what others have to say. You might want others to listen to you, like you did for them.

You probably are always listening instead of voicing your mind and holding your point.

You may be doing all of this because you wouldn't want to upset anyone, or because you'd hate to start an argument.

But once in a while you need to stop listening, you need to start speaking or doing whatever you want.

There's not always going to be someone to listen to, you need to be able to take that someones place.

And then people are going to get sick of listening to what you have to say. They might want you to listen to them, like they did for you.

They might always listen instead of voicing their own minds and holding their own opinions.

But now people are listening to you.

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