It begins
It begins sky stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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Let it seep out.

It begins

An introduction usualy requires a definition, or a real person with actual experience in said domain.

I don't posses enough experience to make a real introduction to anything, but I might just try.

A concept that everyone should be familiar with, is the feeling of harrowing anticipation.

The amazing preparations for facing the unknown, the glorious spurts of evolution, the uneasiness that sets in...

Jonah felt it all as he headed down the spiraled staircase from the citadel.

Each step was covered by a royal purple carpet, leading down to a beautiful white staged lined with silver and gold and encrusted with the finest gemstones available.

The feeling of going down those stairs was as hard to bear as it was to think about the following performance, and what was to follow...

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