Inverting time flow, subverting reason
Inverting time flow, subverting reason feelings stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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Who are we to dictate time to stop or start? We are nobody.

Inverting time flow, subverting reason

Turn it upside down, watch the golden grains of time flow back where they once were, but through a different process, slightly different to us, completely to them.

Bit after bit the sand drains from the top of the hourglass...

And it drips slowly but surely, not influenced by anything, each grain submitting to gravity, faking free will, they don't have a chance but to be subdued.

After a minute passed the bottom part got filled up again, the top part is empty again, the sand rests again, but time doesn't stop for anyone or anything, so I turn it upside down again.

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