Growth, the leading cause
Growth, the leading cause irregular-orbit stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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Story number 200.
Doubt anybody will read it after a ten day "break".

Growth, the leading cause

Part 1 Healing:

Room spinning, heart boiling, eyes glaring wide open at the ceiling. Still lying motionless, devoid of all feeling.

Life was fair and fun and nice, I got stabbed with glares of ice. The sky is blue and clear and sunny, somehow she thought it was so funny.

The water will be clear and crystalline, I suppose I wasn't enough to cross that line. The grass green and lush and damp, my heart shattered, darkened, emptied to fuel her unholy lamp.

Room spinning, the one that was home to so many silent breakdowns.

Heart boiling, to cleanse it of all chaos and lingering hope.

Eyes glaring wide at the ceiling, staring down the place where sleepless nights projected stories with happy endings.

Still lying...


Devoid of all that once was...

And now will never be no more...

Part 2 Separation:

Alone even in thought is a tough fate to unravel. I'm getting slowly burried alive under the rubble... that I once called life.

It all opened up in a split of a second, it looked nice and cozy, an easy life just around the corner of the road, but...

Life only goes forward, you know?

And so do you if you choose to keep yours, and I did, for the better or worse...

It wasn't as easy of a decision you might think it was, but I had to pick...

And I did.

And I went forward, right past the cozy "life" that I thought death to be.

I tried to remove myself from her, them who laughed, me....


I pretty much put myself somewhere I could just exist as my normal self.





Part 3 Slow Down:

Why rush when you're not fast enough to outrun it... Slow pace and lack of space make it imposible to race against.. what once was mine... sanity.

Alone time is not something I was missing before, but now it just got to a whole new level.

It's one thing to spend some time thinking about life and all that jazz,

it's a completely different one to spend so much time on it that it becomes a question of if life is always better than death.

Sanity is not something as normal as you might think it is...

It pretty much dwindles in face of fear and misery, and when both gather it runs away with no remorse.

Sure, I got by, barely at that, but it took everything to just slow down and take everything on, one by one.

I'm glad I got to the end of it, it would've been a shame to rush it and lose myself...

Yeah, shame...

Part 4 Heartfelt:

I want it all to pour out, to cascade upon the frail body I posses... It all came at once and left... never... I'm left alone in the cold snowlight of december.

December rains, much to my dismay. And the droplets splatter on the words that fell short moments before the flood of tears...

It drenches the pavement, the water parts to avoid her, I can't be part of "we" , if "we" never was and never will be...

And I put it all out for it, got it all pushed back in, got it all tangled, messed, a horrid abomination...

Of the feelings I thought were more than just words to you.

Part 5 Challenged:

Took it all like a game of chase, now all you can do is embrace, the sweet release... of death... is far, not worth considering, hopefully...

I pushed myself far and hard, I made life hell, it made me burn...

I took it like a dare, to live without anybody that would care...

I took it right, I showed my might, I made myself live like a recluse...

I took it wrong, I don't belong...

Neither here nor there...


Part 6 Exhaustion:

The body bends, breaks, dies... The mind just gets tired... of everything, and everything gets tired of life.

Seconds shattered, minutes broke, hours severed, days smashed, weeks bloodied.

The clocked ticked aimlessly, my eyes dried.

The sun ran by, the moon ran too, my lips parted.

Snow fell, forests razed, words bloomed.

Like petals opening, unleashing...

"I don't care"


And I truly didn't, and never will I again.

Part 7 Accuracy:

I shot a gaze towards the warming rays of pure whitelight moonflares. It shot once back, twice forward, thrice for safety, and hit bullseye four times.

I shot straight at her with words of rage and madness. She didn't say a word.

Waited and anticipated a simple fight of blessings.

I met a wall of curses.

I said nothing from the beginning, I warranted no answer.

Day in, day out, no words, no looks.

She missed the point, but I missed...


Part 8 Irregular Orbit:

My mind now lays immortal, flowing between what lives and died, it grabs to both sides, both try to shove it away.

He's waiting on one side, she is doing the same on the other.

One willing to try again, the other willing to do the same as last time...

They spun around for more than any other time.

No time lost, nothing gained,




It hurt, it doesn't now, numb.




He tried again, it didn't phase him the same,




imposible to end well.

Growth was nothing.

An orbit around an inhabitable planet was the only thing he had achieved.




Part 9 Cold Embrace:

They look alone and out of place, together without rhyme or reason, worlds apart when they look towards one another...

They embrace eachother, they embrace their lonely worlds, their fears, insecurities, they belong...


Nothing wanted them together, nobody would.

They fit, they shouldn't. Why would they after all that went on just days before.

Was it all a game of chase, a rigged race, a lonely orbit, just one heart boiling, a tough fate, a crystalline cascade, a missed arrow, a tired mind, a frozen embrace.....

All of that and more.

Part 10 Frost:

Glacial tomb...

Entrenched on a lonely ridge...

Blessed with true ice, they stand together.

Cubed in silence, no ignition spoken, no vows broken, just awe.

Her hand, his.

His hand, hers.

They belong...


Like pen and paper.

Bloomed had roses from their graves atop the icy ridge.

Cried had rivers tears of weakness in the face of their cascades.

Skyes had parted, love departed, let room for something greater.

Something they would always keep.

And keep it they did.

Author's note:

Hello to everyone that got to read this! Hope you liked it.

Since this was what my 10 day "break" amounted to I kinda want to know if it ended up being any good, so any sort of feedback is appreciated.

I gathered all ten prompts in the last ten days and just rolled with it.

I kinda wanted it to be a representation of my growth since I started writing on here and it ended up describing it pretty well I reckon.

So yeah... I'll be glad if even one person makea it all the way here, to the end of my 200th story, and surely not my last one.

Happy life everyone.


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