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blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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leaves swaying to the rhythm of out hearts's jazz
Mittensさん - Too Easily

for us

Longing for the serene night in which you bestow light upon my dimly lit eyes, my look of surprise, when all tension dies in a grand finale of love and folly.

Charming yet jolly, your lustful expression serves upon a silvered platter a desire I've never forgotten, a golden heart splattered with jewels, a simple soul I've longed for,

a final token of trust for something that is meant to last, an empire of green roots and fresh grass, because love came like second nature to us.

I've dawned my crown of thorns, my time battered oaken horns, for garments of flowers and leaves, of shadows of wispy trees,

the ones you showed me way back when it all felt like a way too ambitious plan.

I'm longing for your calming touch, disarming patch over my deep scars.

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