Floating skylines
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blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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A tiny part of what I hope will be something bigger.

Floating skylines

Above the horizon a small city floats lightly on the gentle breeze.

It looks just like any other, with appartement buildings, shops, restaurants, but one thing bloomed in particular there: art.

The center of the floating citadel was dedicated to the fine arts, and it showed.

The theatre was always packed full, and the artists performing were the best of the best, with exquisite costumes and an incredibly beautiful stage, with golden ornaments and silver designs.

The opera was not anything to laugh at either. Floral desings were blooming on the walls, tied together with royal tapestry.

The singers were practising for days on end before shows, just so they can can get closer to that one perfect perfomance.

Jonah was just a young boy when he first thought about becoming an artist. He was raised in a harmonious yet modest family, and had a happy life as an only child.

He didn't have many hobbies outside of playing cards with his father and sewing with his mother, but there was always one thing he couldn't resist.

The emotion of roles being skillfully played, the sound of notes never thought possible, reached with a gentle voice,

and the sight of mesmerizing landscapes and people captured on a smooth canvas. He had an affinity for the written word, putting letter next to letter, making new worlds with the tip of his pen.

And so his years upon years of practice began, jumping from painting to writting to acting to singing, all within days or hours.

He slowly became recognized as his name started to show up more and more around the outskirts of the finer parts of the city.

He was a universal lover of art, and the soon to be king of that neat and tidy world, but on rainy summer days, after he'd finish his practice in whatever was planned for that day,

he would go to the edge of the city, lay down with his face over the abyss bellow, and think about who would be his queen...

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