Diminishing heat
Diminishing heat night stories
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blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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Just some night time thoughts.

Diminishing heat

Dawn is falling again over the dull routine I call life.

Another day has passed, yet I don't recall a single second of it.

There is just a little left until it starts over, so I'll make sure I enjoy every moment left of this wondrous night.

I'll cherish it because I know its the only time when I feel the beauty of life graze by me and then flow into the infinite void.

Like an entanglement of roses, real beauty can be found in chaos, sadness or loneliness, because through pain and suffering we learn and evolve and reflect on ourselves.

In the mundane existence we call reality, loneliness is the fiercest of predators, but unless confronted it will continue to grow until it takes over.

No matter how large the sea of people you're thrown in is, it will never be enough to ward off the thoughts that haunt you,

and that will always be there no matter if you're at your worst or best.

Life is not a game to be played by two or three or many more. It is a constant lonely hunt for happiness, beauty and most of all yourself.

In the end those who can look past the grim and sorrow and dread, those who can see the flowers of light blooming out of the pain and the misery that plague this world,

those are the men and women among the people, the ones that will survive to see the universe whole bow down to them.

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