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blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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Are you happy with what you will leave behind if this was your last day?


Imagine that, one day, everything will suddenly go blank.

No more sight, hearing, thinking...

No more you.

It all just ends, abruptly.

You might say that even if you die your memory will carry on.

And sure, it will...

For a while,

longer if you did something for the world, shorter if not.

But after said while, after someone thought of you for the last time,

what then?

Do you just get erased from...

well, existance.

At that point everything will go on as if you were never there.

Maybe you will leave behind children, they will carry you on for a long time.

Maybe you will invent something, that will last even longer.

Or maybe, just maybe, you have not done anything. You just lived an ordinary life, average in every aspect, left behind a kid that doesn't have much to say about you, and...

nothing else.

It all sounds like a malicious attempt at making you do something more in life, it isn't.

Take it as you will, but there is only one more thing I want to say:

Don't live life just because death is scary, live it because it is beautiful.

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