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blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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A special piece

Dear Angela...

You don't exist. You never will.

You don't exist. You never will. But dear, oh dear Angela, where should I even start...

I hate you profoundly, there, that's a good point to make clear first. I can't stand the thought of you. Honestly, it terrifies me and makes me tremble to my core.

I wouldn't be able to look you in the eyes again, I wouldn't dare pretend I could. I'm sure I wouldn't find the vast depths I explored once upon a time, but, instead, I'd be met with one-sided mirrors... You'd do that, wouldn't you, Angela?

I don't want to feel a cell of your skin touch mine or a hint of your scent linger in my nostrils or a murmur of your voice brush against my eardrums. I can only shudder when I imagine how all of that would feel: cold, distasteful and condescending, respectively... Right, Angela?

What more can I say to make you understand, I'm doing my best, yet you still seem to not understand the hatred I carry for you in particular and nobody else. Don't you get it, Angela?

I can't believe you even dare to still exist in my memories, to smile, even, at me with utter and complete disregard to all that I'm saying... Do you hate me too? Can't you see how your horrid kindness burns me to the bone? How I shrivel and shrink whenever I see you? How I twist and turn each night when you won't leave my dreams?

I love you Angela, please never change, not for me and not for anybody, but please, please learn to hate... Do it for me, if you still love me that is... But please try your best and do it, I know you can't, and I know I can't either...

I miss you, Angela, I know you don't exist, I know I'll meet you one day and I'll eat my words. I know you're a sad dream I made up and, if you were to come true, I'd punch myself for every word I already wrote about our future end. I know you won't ever be in my arms, yet I can't help but hope I'm wrong and that I'll jinx myself by saying all of this.

Please be real, Angela. Come into existence and leave it soon after, but take me with you...

Please be real, Angela. Come into existence and leave it soon after, but take me with you... Signed sincerely, the one who'd wait forever.

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