Cosmic thief
Cosmic thief love stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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A bit more free form than i would like to admit.

Cosmic thief

A star and the moon talk to one another, the sun is a bit dimmer now, a star faded, the moon is less beautiful now. There's a new thief around.

She doesn't steal diamonds, spades or clubs, but hearts, and always makes me feel safe in my shaky castle of cards.

She took the sun's light and lit up a fire within me, she borrowed stars so I can get lost forever more in the cosmos of her eyes, she learned of grace from the moon, and each touch now felt like silk.

She stole hearts, but mine was a gift, she could possess it as she wished, because each deck has a queen of hearts, and a king waiting to be crowned.

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