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blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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And it will never be any other way.

Common knowledge

Ice shatters, papers crumple, fabric tears, stones break...

Icicles loom above, they stretch far into the freezing cave, Columns of frosted beauty reach high above to hold the place, Snowy patterns are embeded into the cold walls, And no heat could melt this wintry fortress...

But ice shatters, just like bones.

Paper after paper is being filled with pale nuances that only fade more with time, Colorful ephemeral mirages, Mirrors of what was thought by a wandering mind, But no ammount of time could completely raze out the meaning of the colors...

But papers crumple, just like memories.

Sewn until the end of time, the fabric stretches thin, It loops around itself a million times wondering where you've been, It unravels in places secrets of thousands years past, But no ammount of loops could make it not last...

But fabric tears, and so does skin.

The rock stood still and silent for many full moons, A stony embrace was all that it took, The boulder started rolling, cascading with his kin, And their rolling would never end...

But stones break, just like hearts.

Bones shatter, memories crumple, skin tears, hearts break... And that's how it's always been.

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