Calm before the storm
Calm before the storm queen stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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The second part of my fantasy story.

Calm before the storm

Having finally got the kingdom under control and fully liberated from the shadows, the now queen is preparing the famous offensive of the empire the blue seas.

Blue drakes are being trained and equipped, the fleet is being consolidated with new ships, sailors are given specialized training in underwater combat,

but above all else the whole kingdom is now thriving under the beautiful ruler.

The capital is now in a state of constant celebration for their queen, queen who managed to restore the empire back to its days of glory and carefree happiness.

The crops are growing in abundance, merchants from all over the world are entering and leaving the capital each day, thus commerce has become the biggest source of income for the treasury.

Not only the people of the city are prospering, even the countryside farmers are benefiting from the new trade routes and from the reforms in agriculture.

But all of this has attracted attention to the empire that not long ago was being crushed by the wrath of the gods.

Other human empires have taken notice to the new threat to their territories, even other races have started to fear what might become of the sea-bound empire,

hundreds of elves and dwarfs going there for a more prosperous life.

The new races have formed worker guilds and have taught the citizens new and foreign techniques for forging quality tools and weapons.

All of this fear would lead to wars, there's no doubt about that, but for now the calm will remain, at least until someone foolishly makes the first move.

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