A winged fool's journey
A winged fool's journey icarus stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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Wings fill the sky with memories of lost souls.

A winged fool's journey

Gliding across the sky, landscapes flying by, wonders of a world unseen by many

I take a peek below, I'm above a forest hollow. My wings tire so I decide to rest there

It all starts to glow as I sit down on a stump, trees are lighting up their green leaves, the flowers start to sparkle.

But from the forest shadows start to approach, wanting to engulf me. The flowers shift from happy tones to cold and lifeless hues.

I spread my wings again to take flight. Just as I thought I got out, a darkened branch cuts my right wing.

I still try to glide away, but to no avail, and just as Icarus I fell... Fell for the deception of a look alike garden of Eden.

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