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Do you have a Faux friend? Better to stop hanging out with them.

Faux one

There's a part of me to trust and don't give up finding the real ones.

So I sought, and sought ....

and I found someone,

someone I thought it would be my real one,

it's my friend.

" Hi!" I said.

"Wanna go somewhere?" I continued.

She nodded.

But later on, she said..

"I'm so sorry. I forgot. I can't, I have something to do."

I understand and smiled.

days passed, you chatted.

"let's have a night out!"

I was excited to hang out with you again,

so I said 'yes'.

then I've been a real friend---a real one.

chit-chats, laughter--a night full of memories.

it ended with full of colors.

Once again, another night..

I invite you to go to the park to talk some things..

and you said "sorry, I can't I'm busy"

I chatted again and no rsvped..

Faked smile painted on my face,

'I see', I thought..

another night, you chatted me..

"Hey! wanna go out?"

I chatted nothing, and smile again.

said to myself,

"better to invite my own, instead of inviting a faux fellow"

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