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blackmilk drabbles from blackmelt @ tumblr.
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Merton gives Tommy a trim.

Off the Top

“Y’know, this isn’t so bad,” Tommy breaks the silence. “Feels good even.”

“I told you it wouldn’t be,” Merton responds matter-of-factly, though there’s a musical quality to his voice. “Now hold still, scruffy. We want our resident werewolf in tip top shape!”

Voicing disapproval, it doesn’t stop him from leaning into Merton’s touch.

Despite their owner, the combination of fingers carding through his hair and the sound of scissors is relaxing, and he finds himself with his eyes closed,

drowning in sensation and utterly content.

… until, of course, he hears a snicker.


Grinning, Merton points to his leg thumping away. Tommy glares at his bodies’ betrayal and slaps his thigh in reprimand, which inspires exclamation from Merton.

“Oh, that reminds me! We have to do your nails next!”

Tommy lets out a groan.

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