spooky boo
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bl4nky im just a bystander
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i was gun write this for halloween

spooky boo

can you hear them all around me strange new feeling crossing the line of sanity

this is the beginning assist to the birth of a heartless being

killing is saving this is what they toled me

can't you see it there's no escaping from us no we won't discuss

stop resisting start accepting the fact that you're loosing it

can't hide from something in your mind

i'm not but a shadow of what i was now all of what you can see is a lie

you're all part of a hellish play because i pull the strings behind

humans earths' parazites you should hurry and take there lives

knock knock who's there? boo i'm the reaper will somebody tame this creature?

you can always try to chain me hahaha in vein nothing can stop me

scream and cry you're caught in my game

plead and beg hey guess who came? (NO ONE)

yes i know it's fckin creepy can't help it it's really funny

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