notes of a sinner
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bl4nky im just a bystander
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first prose :D enjoy

notes of a sinner

torture is a part of me,i'm done with suffering you do not know how hard it is to no longer be able feel pain,

not be able to feel alive you're just a breathing corps so i plead the lord to give me back what he took from me i want to cry again,if not i'd rather die,i don't want to live this way,

or perhaps its a pay back for my sins if so know that i'm deely sorryfor what i did,i'll accept my punishement,purify my soul and clean the stains of my guilty hands,

i just want to be in peace with myself stop feeling like i'm someone else,there's a conflict inside you can see it through my silence,send a sign,

guide be to the right way this time it won't be the same i wasted all my chances but i learned from my mistakes even if still repeat them no how long it takes i'll fortify my faith,

i know you can hear me,even tho i'm not speaking i'm not crazy i'm a sinner save me,slave of confusion all those thoughts blocking my vision,i don't know what to do anymore,what am i made for?

i have a purpose? right?what am i supposed to do with all my unanswered questions?

is this devil's work?another filthy trick?or am i just imagining all this and completely loosing it :)

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