My fantasy
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bl4nky im just a bystander
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well i got some free time

My fantasy

This is the tale of a normal dude

try's to love

but hurt's instead

it's something he's aware of

he's better off dead

that's the only truth

can't restart the game

for a secondary

the ending just the same anyway...

for a second legendary

before we can say...


well i'm nothing but a hack

so please make sure to stay on track

as long as trying is not a sin

i'll keep writing

now shall we begin...

Two strangers in a park

one bench,night comes,it's all dark

shy eye contact,light's a spark

and a simple"hi",marks a start

days have passed

both wondering how long did it last

to text or not to text?

this question left them perplexed

and right before the week ends

our two strangers were now friends

on the date day

that she accepted right away

the night knight was late

but the lonely lady

still awaits

predictible scenario,inacceptable for my ego

even stars fade away

and their love was never meant to stay

well now she's gone

you must be asking...what have he done?

nothing!i'm just saying ...

it's his fault,if now she's feeling cold

a bit more bold,too late the gun is sold

time's now gold,but he's still on the hold

he is the blamed,fate can be so lame

too much pride to forgive a mistake

what's on your mind?for god's sake!

yes,she did ignore you for some tme

dig into yourself,ask why?

yes she was hanging out with an other guy

a cursed bullet's gonna send her to the other side

she was as lost as you were

didn't care you destroyed her

left her drowning in her own tears

and redrawed his face with injuries

she just wanted your attention

but you rudely lower the curtain

left her broken

without asking what will happen

consumed by jalousy

you turned our story into a tragedy

even tho it sound's like a melody

a deadly melody engraved on her grave

if she's not quiqkly saved

it's not over for our lover

it's not over til it's over

suddenly he had that illumination

hopefully could bring him to his salvation

found his self running

through the path where death was waiting...

the sound of silence scared him more

than the most violent storm

and at the sight of his love he realised the mistake he've done

at the light of the moon he saw her desperatly embracing the gun

and the words of a fool were all she needed to put away the pistol

a thief never gives back what he stole

but the only thing that perished

that night was their grief

under that black sky they both wished

to write together overleaf

then she fell asleep in his arms

warmed up by the heat of his heart

rock in the midnight breeze

rest well,and have nice dreams

here's the end you all wanted

the one i had in mind was twisted

our strangers moment's were counted

as i wrote the devil whispered

make it more demonic ,lunatic

but i prefered....romantic

the end

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