my bitch?
my bitch? anger #sadness #confusion #poetry stories
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bl4nky im just a bystander
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well a friend of mine caught his girl friend cheating on him i'm sparing you the details use some imagination XD

my bitch?

my bitch?just a joke i hope! for me that guy was already in a coffin is it a new compliment?! wtf is that comment?! you actually seemed to be laughin

see that answer got me confused asking a god damn question am i being used?

i always though i was your boy tell me now!am i some kind of toy?

i won't kill the spark with some salty water gun pour some blood i'm a deadly lover

my bitch?i dare you to say that one more time oh wait...i won't mind coz the blood's not mine hahaa

yea the spark won't die but a flame will rise tadaa

my bitch?i dare you to try filthy ditch...there you will cry

i don't care what you're called you're a disrespectful asshole

i know i'm not wrong dick faced prick kid you're not even worth it

i do care am i being betrayed? i hope it's not the case

looks like you don't prove i'm wrong

i wouldn't be saying all this show me you're worth it

will you miss me when i'm gone? i don't think so prove i'm wrong

i gave what i had to give do you think you're worth it?

see girl every step makes me closer well damn you're hard to get

who's the real monster you'll tear me apart if i try to forget

i don't wanna live in some tragic story got enough of this shit so gun end it already

love makes you blind?just...gimme back my eyes

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