In the head of an alcoholic
     In the head of an alcoholic poetry #feelings #thoughts #alcoholic #sadness #fiction stories

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In the head of an alcoholic

you are never strong enough shock's gonna be rough

you do not know what to expect there's no cause without effect

when you fall asleep you never want to wake up and leave

you will think twice before taking a step departure time is set

all these moments of weakness you are a mess

no one sees that you're in distress they just call it deepness

you are confused you do not know where to go

You are disappointed not to have persevered

you are lost you regret what you did

you would like to go back and start all over again burn this canvas and redo it

you saw things that hurt your heart so you knew that life was a garden with burned grass

wherever you go the beauty resplounds and then dies sadly you see that there is no happy end

you regret all the choices you made you hope to burn the paths you have chosen

no way all roads lead to nothing seeing that you repeat all your mistakes as a refrain

how to stay serene all these sacrifices in vein

you look at yourself in a mirror you see a silhouette without soul

you tell yourself that there can be no hope before pouring a tear

you look in a puddle when will you come out of your bubble?

you really try to believe it but you lie to yourself without knowing it

It's no use all to whom you offered help

turn their back on you and destroy the links you just drown their memories in drinks

.... to be continued

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