“Magic Of Numbers”
“Magic Of Numbers” numbers stories

bjbound19 Stories with my own art and pictures.
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It took me 3 months to complete. This story is actually for kids.

“Magic Of Numbers”

This is Tommy. In his hand, is a number one.

This is Tommy’s friend, Julie. She also has a number one.

Meeting in Tommy’s yard, they put their number ones together. Out comes...

A beautiful number two.

Next, we have Julie’s neighbor, Gerald. He comes along with his own number one.

Coming through a section of Tommy’s fence, Gerald puts his one next to the two. They, quickly become....

A nice looking number three.

Next is Rachel. She is Tommy’s friend from school. She brings along her own number one.

Climbing a tree to the backyard, she placed her one next to the three. Together, they become...

A charming number four.

This young man is Gerald’s cousin, Mike. He goes to Tommy’s house with his own number one.

Coming up from a tunnel, Mike places his one on the ground. Rachel and Julie lower the four on it. The two numbers become...

A grand number five.

This girl is Cynthia, an agile gymnast. She brings a number one with her.

Hopping over the fence, she places the one on the five. Out comes....

A bright number six.

This is Johnny. He brings a number one with him to Tommy’s house.

Going through Tommy’s house and to the backyard, he places his one on the six. Then, like magic, out comes...

A very elegant number seven.

Next up, is Johnny’s sister, Joanie. She has her own number one with her.

Following her brother’s path, Joanie places her one on the seven. They become...

A bold number eight.

Coming up is Mike’s friend, Nathan. He brings a number one with him.

Using stilts to go over the fence, Nathan places his one on the eight.

ZAP! BANG! POP! A number nine.

Finally, this is Samantha. She brings her own number one with her.

Everybody stands attention as Samantha places her one in the hole of the nine. Soon, out comes....

A big, bold number ten.

Suddenly, a mean woman named Mrs. Grimbrack bursted in.

She told the kids to go home. Or, she’ll have their parents punish them.

The ten friends got nervous. Then, Samantha shouted out a shocking phrase.












Soon, the backyard is empty. No kids, no numbers, nothing .

Happy with the results, Mrs. Grimbrack leaves. She thinks of the countdown .

Mean Mrs. Grimbrack! What do you have to say for yourself?


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