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A yoga girl shows her father some poses she learned.


One morning, Clara was doing yoga exercises in her backyard.

“Good morning, Clara. I thought you’d be out here doing your yoga.”

“I sure am, dad. If fact, I can show you twenty different yoga poses.”

“I don’t know, Clara. Twenty is a lot.” “You don’t think I can do it?”

“I’ll tell you what. If I can’t show you twenty yoga poses, I’ll do one of my brother’s chores for a week.”

“Good idea. Jimmy can use a break from cleaning the basement. Okay, Clara. A bet’s a bet.”

“This Pose is called Warrior 2. That’s one pose. I stand with one leg bent, and extend my arms out side to side.”

“This Pose is called Triangle. That’s two. From Warrior 2, I straighten my bent leg, and reach down to touch my foot. The other arm reaches into the sky.”

“Next, is Tree Pose. One of those balance poses. That’s three. Helps me practice standing on one leg.”

“This is called Chair Pose. This makes four. I just bend the knees and raise my arms.”

“This is known as Goddess Pose. That’s five. It’s also known as Victory Pose.”

“This is called ‘Lord of the Dance’. It’s another good balancing pose. This makes it six.”

“Here’s another basic pose. It’s called ‘Downward Facing Dog’. This makes seven.”

“This pose is called ‘Garland’. It’s also known as Frog pose. It’s a great way to work on my knees. This makes eight.”

“Here’s another balancing pose. This is called Eagle Pose. This makes nine.”

“Now, I’m presenting Gate Pose. This makes ten. I’m halfway done.”

“This is the Butterfly Pose. That makes eleven. This is also known as Bound Angle.”

“Here’s number twelve. The Bridge Pose. This helps with the back.”

“This is a resting pose. It’s called Child’s Pose. This makes thirteen.”

“This is Cobra Pose. It’s a good way to work on the back. This makes fourteen.”

“This is called Marichi’s Pose. Also known as the Sage’s Pose. This makes fifteen.”

“Here’s another balancing pose. It’s called Boat Pose. This makes sixteen.”

“This funny looking pose is called ‘Cow Face’. This makes seventeen.”

“Next, is Happy Baby Pose. This makes eighteen. I just lay on my back, and grab the bottom of my feet.”

“Next, Hero Pose. This makes nineteen. I just kneel with my hands in a prayer position.”

“Finally, Lotus Pose. Usually used to meditate after yoga. This makes twenty.”

Little does anyone know that somebody was looking in.

It was a young boy named Adam. He loves to get Clara in trouble.

He rushes off to tell a neighbor lies about her.

“Mrs. Bronson! It’s that bully, Clara! She’s harassing me again!”

One hour later.... “I can’t believe our neighbor unjustly punished Clara.”

“And, after Clara showed me her twenty yoga poses.”

“Well, number twenty one is called Mountain Pose. Just stand straight and tall. And, because of that brat’s falsehood...”

“Clara is going to be standing for quite a while.”

“That girl is such a sucker!”

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