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A gist story of my life.

Just My Life

by Binuk22

My life,

pretty depressing,...

Every time I dream

I dream the opposite of my life.

What I want

is to be me. Maybe in my future. Maybe...

I've waited so long,

thinking about it, you, me, them.

But why?

Why you, or anything, or anyone?

It's pointless.

the countless times I've hopes, and believed.

Only to be turned down,

lied to, broken, etc.

But after all of my depressing life,

why am I still here? How am I here?

I don't know.


I'm "stronger than you know."

Mentally, not physically(duh).

"A heart of steel starts to grow."

*I've had this song stuck in my head all day*

But the point it,

I've been through it all.

All the hurt,

all the lies, the words, the actions, the pain and suffering, sometimes physically, mainly mentally.

But, I've lived.

through it all. I've survived.


Now what?

I'll keep doing it.

I'll keep supporting myself through this depressing thing called life, and accept any true friends who support me.

Who believe in me,

and ae always with me,

For me.

And no one else.


I can only ever be

who I am,

in any life I have.

All I am,



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