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get 2 know me!

hi my new stranger friends! heres a list of things i like, dislikes, and more!!!!!!!

so, to start us off.. i HATE and am very very very afraid of spiders

i have a fear of the dark (stupid, i know)

my favorite food is spaghetti (or any type of pasta)

my least favorite food is green beans (bleegghh)

my favorite dessert is ice cream (yummy in my tummy)

im double jointed

i have 2 siblings

im very dumb

i have brown hair

i have brown eyes

my favorite colors are black and blue

ive never had taco bell, chick- fil-a, chipotle, subway, and more!

my favorite types of books are horror, comedy, mystery, and graphic novels.

im older than 1

im younger than 99

ok bye! thank u for tuning in and have a great day!

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