My annoying neighbor
My annoying neighbor stories

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The painful truth. When one fact changes everything.

This was adapted from a story I was inspired by on reddit:

My annoying neighbor

I used to live in a small building downtown. One of the reasons I moved out was the bad neighborhood, including this guy in the apartment right over mine

It was a weird looking fella who mostly kept to himself. Around midnight though, there was frequently a strange noise that got on my nerves.

It wasn't loud, to be fair, but I have really light sleep so it was hard to get my eyes shut with those little bumping sounds going on and on

After a few days, i realized the pattern was always the same, like a recording played over and over with random intervals in between

And that went on for the best part of an year, always the same sequence of bumps, slowly tattooed into my mind, sometimes for hours straight during the night.

t was only several years later, helping my daughter with her homework, that I learned a little bit of morse code.

She knocked on the table with her knuckles and a shiver immediately went through my spine as I recognized that exact pattern.

When i asked her what it meant, she laughed. "It's the easiest one, daddy" she said.

It's the one to call for help.

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