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I sit here, drunk and unworthy. There is someone for me.

I sit here, drunk and unworthy.

There is someone for me.

They provide sanctity and meaning.

It is not a feeling that I'm accustomed to.

You know those teen dramas and romcoms?

Those feelings ever reproduced by teen heartthrob novels?

That is the inexcusable, powerful feeling in my chest.

In my mind.

It is this that drives me.

It is the memories I refuse to remember.

It is the hollowness inside.

It is you.

The one I've always had but never kept.


And everything that keeps me strong.

Mindless and envy.

You're here in this poem.

Where I never thought I'd be.

At the lake with the sound of the waves.

My heart breaks and my soul cracks.

The words hidden and the feelings lost.

For me and those lost with me.

Meaning lost and pursuit vanished.

I will go now, forgotten by my failure.

I wish that these words were known.


This page lost,

Lost to not be kept.

Just like me and my love.

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