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"Till death do us apart." <br/>Well then, I have something to say yet again.<br/>About love... and death.

Till Death Do Us Apart

A short story by biancatheresehc

"Till death do us apart." said the bride and groom together, harmoniously.

I scanned the crowd to see them all crying like children. Furrowing my eyebrows, I cringed to myself. Their statement just made... a little less sense to me.

"Anything wrong?" a voice asked beside me, and I turned to my left to find a lady of age, probably 50, as she sat beside me.

"I'm sorry if I'm late for the wedding. Now tell me, you look like you have something in your mind that's wrong." she whispered making me look away awkwardly. I did not mean to sound rude.

"Don't be shy, dear. I was just asking. If you wish, I could leave you alone...?" I quickly shook my head. "Oh! No, please don't. I'll tell you what was bothering me." She smiled.

"I was hoping you would."

"It's just... It was about the 'till death do us apart' moment." I admitted to her. The woman looked at me confusingly then tilted her head. "Really? What about it that made 'less sense'?"

I exhaled before blabbering it all at once:

"What... what did they mean about that?

I mean I DO know what the statement means...

But is their love really that weak?" I asked.

She gasped. "Come, follow me." she whispered and tugged on my white sleeve gently. I stood from my chair without attracting any attention, and we proceeded to head outside of the cathedral.

"Do you believe that love is weak?" My eyes widened. "No! I... I just wondered why they said that death will be the thing that will keep them apart."

"Well, it's true-" I cut her off without thinking twice. "That is NOT true." There was silence between us until she replied. "Then tell me what is true."

"Love. Love cannot be picked up everyday on the street.

Love... is the largest diamond you find after digging underground you're entire life.

Love should never be traded for something else.

... A-And you know what?

Death... Death is just a new life.

It's where we don't walk on earth anymore,

but we discover a new paradise we promise not to destroy.

Death is the one to judge where you go.

Though Death and Love are both powerful...

They're like a bond.

They're like husband & wife.

More like a forbidden relationship. They favor love, and they blame Death for all the problems they have.

This is what makes me angry about humans... I just don't understand what we do. Trying to make peace when we're destroying earth more and more...

But back to the topic... Love should not be meddled with Death!

They -argh! They shouldn't be two topics... 'combined' together. I get so angry and confused and baffled.

Love is the reason we're all still here! Love is what makes us all rise up to bed, make our day, then go to sleep. Love is what makes you happy and safe!

And love is who you want to be with for the rest of your life.

So.., if we really 'do' love them so much that we make ourselves a bond, why let Death get in between and separate us?

No matter where you are, maybe on earth or in another paradise, I'd still love that person. Maybe we're in the same place, my love will never change.

It's true that at least 70% people don't die with who they love, and you're destined to 'die alone, literally', but that doesn't stop you of loving that person! Is that how weak it is?

That once they wither away and won't be there in the flesh to provide you what they used to give you? Really? Is that how weak this is?"

I was nearly out of breath while the old woman stared at me in shock. Was I making a fool out of myself? I couldn't care. I've let all my anger out, and I'm... done.

"No one has said that to me in so many years..." she said in awe, touching her lip as it quivered. I didn't know what to do when I saw an old man approaching us.

He tapped the old woman on the shoulder and turned to me. "Excuse me," he said kindly, "Love, we need to go. The wedding reception is happening at a restaurant."

The woman faced him and smiled. I smiled as she hugged him all of a sudden, causing him to be slightly surprised. "Thank you" he mouthed to me before placing an arm around her and walking away.

I was about to go back to the cathedral, when I turned back around to find the two gone. All there left was a note.

"You are right. Not even Love will let Death separate two lovers... We hope you find that someone to spend the rest of eternity with. Find a good one... like how we did."

Signed, Death & Love.

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