The Person That Loves You
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How would you describe the person that loves you?

The Person That Loves You

by biancatheresehc

The person that loves you purely is someone who would...

... risk to go through the thorns to pick you a rose.

They're someone who takes you to breathtaking places, and whispers: "You're the most beautiful of all."

They'll never think twice to leave what they're doing and rush to your aid.

They won't give up running through a maze, knowing in mind that you're somewhere for them to reach.

They're like the chocolate cookies made just for you when you're feeling down.

Everyday, they make you the biggest inspiration of their art.

They color your world that was once black and white.

They're the ones that comfort you from the bad to the worst of moments.

Someone who makes any moment more memorable.

Your soulmate that sings their heart out to you as you watch down from the balcony.

One who captures moments of you as if you'll fade away from their sight.

Someone who would climb over any boundary just to be with you.

They're the sunshine that passes through the window of a summer house.

Every so often, they instantly feel love when you cross their mind.

Someone who is like a needed peaceful walk around nature.

When your with him/her, he/she treats you as if you were royalty.

The feeling of being with them is like swimming underneath a waterfall.

They are the people who would let you go and watch you sail across the world.

You feel as though you're their sun, and they're your moon.

They're a familiar path that you walk through everyday like the back of your hand.

Being beside them makes you feel warm and safe.

You're their flowers that bloom from cracks in a brick wall.

They're the ones that make you know that simply sitting on a bench with them is a moment to remember.

Just like coffee, you can't start the day right without them.

They're like reading your favorite book on a beautiful day.

They're as satisfying as a bed of flowers.

And you know, the list goes on and on.

So, can you do me a favor and complete that list for me?


Now, go out there and tell that person you love them.

Even if you're heartbroken, alone, or plain grumpy, tell them you love them right now.

Trust me, it won't be awkward or whatever you worry it would be.

In fact, it would brighten their day.

But if you have no one to tell 'I love you' to right now...

then I'll say it myself.

I love you.

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