He Didn't Deserve This
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biancatheresehc Theater. Writer. But no one should know.
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If you ever felt so regretful for making mistakes that another person did not deserve, then know I've felt so much pain when I realized what I've done wrong.

He Didn't Deserve This

A Short Story by biancatheresehc

I. . . I want to tell you a story.

You'll listen, right? Without walking away. . .?


. . .

I'll, um, tell you what I've been hiding for... years. . .

Once. . .

I knew a young boy.

He was VERY young, actually. About. . . a baby.

And he was very handsome.

Now, the thing was, the only one to take care of him was his sister.

His older sister since their parents trusted her with him.

They were busy night and day.

Yet, his sister's excitement could not be held down.

Well, she was training to be responsible, of course.

Now, don't get your hopes up that this is a, um, wonderful story.

So, days, months, years went by.

The poor young boy was being ignored by his own sister.

It felt like being locked in a cage for eternity.

She was always so busy that she was not keeping her responsibilities. It felt sick.

And you know what?

She pretended he didn't exist.

That he wasn't her care.

Further on, the house keepers were the boy's only source of survival.

Being fed the same food everyday.

Being locked in a cage.

Never seeing the outside world.

All because she ignored her responsibility of him.

He blamed her for everything.

And so much pain for a being that only knew love.


Was it something he did?

Was it because he was never enough?

Was he wasting her time?

Or was it because she ignored what she was tasked to do?

The poor boy then became a man.

He grew old.

And it. . . just became worse.

He was overweight with the same food fed to him everyday.

His hair was grey and white.

Eye bags under his eyes and a sickness in him.

He now never learned to trust.

Worst of all, he was coming blind.

I. . .

I'm so sorry I told you this.

. . .

One day:

The older sister arrived in his room.

The once young boy was frightened to hear someone enter.

He knew it wasn't feeding time.

Was there an intruder?

"H-Hello..." her gentle voice whispered.

He looked up, but saw a blurry figure. He was still blind.

"Who are you?"

And with those words, she began to sob in front of him.

"I. . . I am the reason you're like this!" she cried.

"I am the one who turned you like this.

It is I who made such loving being into. . ."

She just couldn't bring herself to say it.

"Something useless?" he suggested.

"No!" she said in between a gasp and cry.

"You are not worthless! I'm worthless!

I should've taken care of you! You were MY responsibility!

And look. I was foolish to ignore you.

I deserve what you are in right now.

And I hate myself for it!"

The once young boy turned to her and try and touch her face.

It felt familiar. He still loved her.

"I-It's okay. . ." he whispered to soothe her down.

But she only sobbed harder.

"No! It is not okay!" she argued. "I. . . I-I'm so sorry!"


"I can't forgive myself!"

His face had an endearing expression. He smiled then kissed her forehead.

"I forgive you."

And from that day forward,

the older sister who ignored her responsibilities,

learned her lesson. And to make it up to her brother, she did everything in her power to restore what was once pure and loving.

. . .

So why did I tell you this story?

Because it is the story of me and my dog.

A creature that only knew love and loyalty. My first ever boy that I loved yet ignored. Toby, my boy, who is now old. grey, and nearly blind.

And today, you cannot imagine how much I cried in front of him.

He didn't deserve this.

I'm so sorry.

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