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bhintunarA Learner
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When everything feels wrong and you're too tired of your life... The only option you see in front of you is to...

Death Note

by bhintunar

Don't feel sad or bad for me. Whatever happened, happened because of me. It was my choice my mistake.

But I cannot believe I could commit such a huge mistake. I cannot believe I could do something so grim to you.

How could I betray and leave you alone? You were in new place with new faces. No family, no support. And I broke your heart and played with your mind.

How can I live with this guilt inside my heart? How can I survive with this huge burden within my soul?

You always thought the best for me, supported and helped me. And all I ever did was asked more from you.

Then I left you at your worst, when you didn't even had anyone to give you a hand to hold or a shoulder when you cry.

Now look at this karma. What I gave to you is coming back to me. Like it was meant to be.

Now I am alone with no shoulder to cry on. With no one to lament about. With no one to share my grief...

And I think of you... When you used to hold me tight till my tears dried.

When you used to fill the holes inside my heart with your words. When you understood something was wrong with me just by the way I replied your text.

It's been so long that I have been living alone. Embracing this burden inside my heart.

Most nights I have spent crying... Now I wish to stop this crying...

Now I'm tired of trying to forget what we had... tired to remove this distance between our hearts...

I am so tired and I feel like my life should be fired...

Let me confess out loud for the very first and last time... Yes I am Crying... Tonight I am dying...

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