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A Letter To Ex

by bhintunar

Dear Ex,

I guess I am being a typical ex by writing you a totally random letter after almost a year of our separation.

I don't know

what made me write this letter but lately I've been thinking of you a lot...

I guess you have moved on

because you are too winsome to be single and miserable.

I will be more than happy

to know that you are grooming yourself to be more awesome than you already are.

Sometimes the reason behind a person's action is not right.

I guess I did the same too. I ruined us because of my stupidity.

I forgot the Newton's 3rd law of motion :

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I guess I threw a glass on the floor and expected it to not break into million of pieces

There is no comparison to you,

but I was weak and you were too far away. I could not share with you my good times, let alone the bad.

We could not hold each other

after a long hard day or hold hands in the movie theatre... like we used to.

You used to make me feel very special.

Perhaps you spoiled me and I wanted to feel the same even when you were not around.

Our relationship was like a story book.

I left my story unattended while I was trying to write a filler chapter. I ruined our story. I ruined us.

The hardest part of the break-up is:

I caused it for both of us. I lost you and gained nothing in return.

If life was a crashed computer,

I would reboot it. But my every choices and decision led to a consequences which could not be redone.

In our long distance relationship,

it was very difficult to keep the same level of affection, even though you were always in my heart.

My love was not a steady line.

It was a fluctuation of curves with some high point, low point, excitement and dissapointment. In the end the low points and dissapointments won.

Even while breaking up,

You handeled it like a gentleman you are. No yelling, no resentment.

It was such a privilege to know you.

I will always think of you with fondness and will always remember that I have created such wonderful memories with you, regardless the length of the time.

After the break-up,

the city became our memory lane. Everywhere I go I was caught up by our memories.

It was difficult not to suffocate,

because the house I live, the place I work and the people I know are deeply connected with you.

You were practically the best thing in my life,

and I let my stupidity to ruin us. Perhaps, we met too early... I'm too young and stupid.

You deserve much better than me.

A woman who can support you in your good and bad times, love you as much as you love her. Not a girl who wrecked what she had because of her stupidity.

Goodbye clarifies,

how important someone is. And you don't understand it until you lose them.

The aftermath of break- up

is like writing a sad letter to someone you have never met.

We are a familiar stranger.

We know everything about each other but we have to pretend like we never met, like we never shared something so special between us.

I wish

we could talk or keep each other posted. Not that we have to but... its a wish... and wishes don't get ful filled always


you the best of life and hope to catch up with you if you ever visit this country. See you someday S.

Best Regards,


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