The Man Who Saw A Ghost
The Man Who Saw A Ghost stories

bhavyadeep Be Cool , Stay Calm
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This is a story that is based on a true incident and it is a horror

The Man Who Saw A Ghost

There was complete silence in the room. There was no sign of humanity on the street. The street light at the corner of the street started to flutter suddenly, followed by all the other one's.

Just after it all of the light went off. There was electricity supply in all other areas except that one.

There was man , namely Harrison. He was a poor man who lived on the street where he had made his tent. It was 3 o'clock midnight, when he woke up by an strange noise.

First he put it down to a cat that may be roaming around for mouse. But then he realized that the sound was too guttural for a cat.

Therefore, He came out to see what was there, but because the light were off he wasn't able to see anything. He turned back towards his tent and suddenly the lights were on.

He turned to one side but he saw nothing and he looked on the other side. H e was completely shocked to see the strange thing standing in front of him not far enough.

A sudden jerk ran through his body , his heartbeat increase , he was completely stunned to see the thing.

Until he could have done something the shadow started to move towards him, he also started running away from it. While running he looked at the the back but there was nothing.

He stopped there only and started to walk back to his tent . After reaching , he took a look and there was nothing around him. he then slept and never told this to anyone ever.

-Bhavyadeep Yadav

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