You and I
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beverlytanfilm Filmmaker. Poet. Adventurer. Lovely.
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...We are just dots in space that found each other...

From "Water in a Wineglass" ---- >

You and I

By Beverly Tan From "Water in a Wineglass"

When your lips brush mascara-clotted eyelashes I become stardust tossed in the wind, swirling out to caress the sea which laps along the nape of your neck.

And the atmospheric pressure drops, implodes That is what my heart must be feeling, matter, scattered in three corners shadowed by the earth

Searching for the one that the breathless stretch cannot reach the one your soul hides in folded up in petals more delicate than the most sacred of lilies

Because you, the drop of whiskey in my tea The brash howl lost in red canyon caverns The curve of your cupid’s bow, the pull of your shoulder blades knitting together with the arch of your spine

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