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A poem I wrote last year when I first found this site.

My out look

by meganstewart

I'm paralysed I can't think Can't speak Can't look you in the eye Can't you tell my mind is swimming in self dought I know I'll mess it up I'll say something wrong I'll shake

You'll hate me But it's ok I'm used to messing things up I've got anxiety But u tell me I can't possibly, I'm too over achieving and thoughtful

But what about those sleepless nights? Thinking about all the what ifs The paralyzing fear every time I try to send a message Its always lost in translation I'm always tired any more

I can't breath anymore I try to explain but it comes out a blurr You won't except my reasoning for it is not yours You won't listen to me anymore so I'll pile it on top

I tend to get sucked in a vortex Repeating the same action Reading the same line Looking in the same direction Till I think I'll die Then I pull my self out Less I forget to do work

Do you wonder why I'm ahaid It's cus when I'm depressed I overwork myself I stress myself out

That's why I'm such a great partner right Even when you make excuses u know I'll win the war I'll finish both parts and sign your name Get you the mark you definitely deserve

What would happen if I pulled a u ie Did what you do to me Would you do both parts to the best of your ability ? Or throw your self life preserver and let me drown?

Would you feel as worthless as me? Or think highly of yourself for out doing me It's an endless cycle, to me my friendship with others seems trivial It's about what I can do for them

Not what we can do to help each other

But it's ok I'll wait and see Maybe one day someone will see me in the same light I see them in

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