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betweenthepages Write from the heart and mind!
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A dark cloud has descended upon me The cloud of dread

The dark cloud

A dark cloud has descended upon me

The cloud of dread

of fear






Of nothingness

It's gotten to the point where I cannot feel a thing

As if my very emotions are blank

As if they have been ripped away leaving a black hole in their place.

As though I can feel them there but cannot connect the dots between my actions and the desired emotional counterpart.

To the point where my emotions are entirely false and completely planned in relation to what the people around me want.

Has this ever happened to you?

Have you ever became so mentally exhausted that all you can do is stare at the wall?

As if you cannot feel or do anything?

Even if you're in a room full of your friends you just shut down, although no one realizes you have?

You feel worthless and as though you are nothing to anyone.

As if you could disappear and no one would care.

You could fly away

You could walk away

You could die today

And no one would regret what was said or done to you?

Even though in reality you feel as though you already have been dead for ages, just going through the daily motions.

Waiting for your chance to leave your meat suit behind.

So you can fly like an eagle through the dark clouds overhead.

But I'm still here and so are you

So we are probably thinking the same depressing thoughts~ What will be my dark cloud today?

Will it ever go away so I can finally see the light?

What would happen if I really did die?

Would ________ care or look back and remember me?

We never think of changing our perspective or adjusting our lenses, do we?

We always stay in the same position neither moving forward or moving backward. Just staying still

Staying silent

letting the world pass us by

Falling into our predetermined lives

Fitting into this society that breaks us, even more, each day

Letting others determine our worth based on things we don't even care about

Adjusting our lives so that we are always in the shadows

Giving up before we've given it our all because society has deemed us unworthy of praise or recognition.

So we stay here

On this site

losing our minds

And living our lives

So that one day we may rise up above the dark cloud that plagues us

To live our lives as we see fit, living and existing for ourselves instead of others.

So that we may cross our own finish line and finally see the other side of the dark clouds in our own sky.

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