Wizard Wars
Wizard Wars wizard stories
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bettyv Anything Might Happen
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Just for fun

Wizard Wars

A wizards duel A test of powers It's been going on for hours

It started with his plume of smoke Rising up to make me choke A cup of tea put paid to that I boiled the pot and then I spat

Rhino, Cobra, Elephant, Flea Everything from A to Zee We had been all that we could be

I tried a car and then a gun His red hot poker wasn’t fun We crossed them all off One by one

I went for plague infested rat He turned into a cricket bat And then he tried to squash me flat

Neither of us giving in A battle only one could win

A magic game of Tit-for-Tat Rotten floorboards then down splat Followed by his wizards hat

The bugger never thought of that!

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