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This is a true story Revenge is a dish served cold so they say!


This is a true story

Revenge is a dish served cold so they say!

I used to work as librarian in a creepy stately home.

The guy who owned it was a famous Victorian writer who was into black magic! It gets used for loads of horror films because it has monsters on the gate posts and bats on the chimneys!

We had a family visit the home on a tour. They had a child with them, quite frankly he was a little bastard!

Kicked the suits of armour, spat, generally an obnoxious little beast.

He ran off to what had been the Victorian owners study which was in a little room inside a turret. It had a small sunny window.

There was a lifesize model of the owner sitting at the desk, wax head and hands, cloth body.

Kid starts saying it's rubbish and kicking the desk.

We all knew what was going to happen next!

When the sun came through the window it heated up the model. It used to moan as the warm air escaped.

Only this day it must have been very hot and the wax bit must have got a little soft.

The kid went to touch the figure. It lets out this incredible low moan, then it lurches forward across the desk and the hands shoot out like it's coming after the kid.

He was down the stairs and out of the door in twenty seconds.

We were rolling on the floor laughing!

I often wonder if he is still in therapy!

Sorry kid!

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