Truck City
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bettyv Anything Might Happen
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Hot claws

Truck City

In the back of a cab On the way to nowhere Well before dawn Clutching my bag

Things can get messy I will need a change of clothes And somewhere to wash

We speed through the near deserted streets Out into empty lot city Broken buildings Broken dreams Broken lives

Mine is not broken I have a purpose My skin itches under my jacket I know it is coming I want it I need it

In the window glass I notice my eyes Ready for the hunt He stops the car A run down motel Trucks sleeping in the yard

Cheap rates Cheap rooms Cheap people Nobody will miss one Or two!

I fish about for some money For the driver The burning has begun My nails lengthen I look at the back of his neck And think why not An entree, for the main course

My eyes turn wolfish yellow I smile as he turns his head To tell me the fare

His yellow eyes reflect mine Claws tap the steering wheel We talk about the insanity of coincidence The moon slips out From behind a cloud

We laugh We change We hunt He won't mind any mess on the seat I am good for a lift home

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