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bettyv Anything Might Happen
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The second in my attempt to find inspiration from this tiny little film.

Tollbooth Man 2

He looked around his booth. His home for the past twenty nine years. He chewed on his last packet of cheese and pickle sandwiches and sipped thoughtfully from his flask of tea.

He was going to miss this little world and the people in it. He liked to hear their stories as they passed through. Sometimes they didn't have the money and he let them off. It was only 40p and nobody ever checked.

A few of them had become friends. One had even become a lover. They shared furtive happy moments with the blinds pulled down and the "toll closed" sign up. It hadn't lasted, because everything here was transient and temporary, but it had been fun for a while.

Now he was leaving. Saying goodbye like all his temporary customers. He lowered the barrier for the last time and pulled the blinds. It was the quietest tollbooth in Wales and it was perfect.

He stepped out of his metal world and waved an arm at the oncoming lights. Tomorrow there would be a new tollkeeper. He had left instructions which he hoped would be helpful to his replacement.

He shook the new tollkeepers hand and passed over the keys. Then he climbed the ramp into a waiting spaceship which would zoom him across the universe. He had much to report about the people of this little blue planet.

He had learned to like their odd habits and funny little ways. He looked out of the window as they took off into the heavens and he shed a tear for the loss of his tiny metal kingdom.

In his pocket he had a 20p piece and the recipe for his favorite pickle carefully noted down, in case he ever got the chance to make it. He had also kept the postcard. There were no trees where he was going. Souvenirs to remind him in later years.

He sighed and looked out at the fast receding planet. He reached into his bag and smiled as he unwrapped his last sandwich and poured himself a final drop of tea from his little flask. He lifted his cup and made a toast to humanity. They were completely crazy

But you grew to love them in the end. URL for the film is in the comments x

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