Putting The Boot In
Putting The Boot In boot stories
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bettyv Anything Might Happen
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You call it a trunk we call it a boot-same thing

Putting The Boot In

The cafe awning was shady. They sat in the early morning cool, Naz had a coffee and Ronan had a tea. He stirred it thoughtfully in a delicate way that reminded Naz of Miss Marple or some other fussy old spinster.

Naz always went full charge on breakfast, bacon, eggs, and fried bread. Ronan nibbled his croissant and chewed as if every mouthful were a forbidden pleasure. The both looked out at the car park which was small and mostly empty.

Finally a car pulled in. The driver got out and headed for the cafe where he ordered himself a large coffee and a bacon roll. He was wearing dark glasses and a black suit. He looked tanned and fit.

Ronan looked at his watch then at Naz. Naz smiled. "Time to go work he said, "I think this one is mine Roney." Ronan nodded and said "Yes, not on my list Anazdrul, so go ahead. I'll just finish my tea and this delicious pastry"

Naz frowned "why are you here then?" Ronan gave him a look and waggled his blonde eyebrows. Nazzy laughed "Oh I see, a double header." Ronan nodded "Mine is in the boot of the car, or the trunk if you prefer to call it that."

Naz closed his eyes. "Mine is due to drop dead from a coronary in about a minute, which is surprising because he isn't some fat old chumba wumba, and yours?" Ronan shrugged "Kidnapped scientist."

He was due to be released but it looks like nobody will find him now, until it's way too late. Yours will be somewhat incapable of telling anyone he's there."

Naz said slowly, " Harsh. Can't you... you know, do something to help him out before he suffocates." Ronan shook his head "oh the management wouldn't like that, you know the rules. I'm an angel I take the good ones, you are a demon you get the baddies. We can't go mucking about with things. Where would it end."

"Besides it is his time to go." Naz got up, "See you soon then Roney old pal, time to go to work" he said as there was a groan and a soft thud behind him.

Roney waved "Until we meet again Nazza" he said wiping his mouth. He looked over at the car

"Oops I think that's my cue." "He's putting up quite a fight in there so no need to hurry. Maybe just enough time to finish my tea."

Inspired by the TV series Good Omens

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