Overture and Beginners
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bettyv Anything Might Happen
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Cranberry Face

Overture and Beginners

"This is Joe" he said putting the baby down on the bed

'Born this morning"

A tiny bundle of fury wrapped in a blanket

I could hear him yelling from down the corridor

I could picture him perfectly

Tiny hands and tiny feet and he smelt brand new

Like the wrapping had just come off

His little face was a cranberry left for far too long

When he stopped howling he had the bluest eyes

bright shiny little beads

His hair so soft like fluff from the dryer

Michael picked him up and put the tiny fingers into my hand

He was crying

I was crying too

Someone wiped my face

The nurse said quietly

He knows you are here Mike, I think he's on his way back to you

That's the most positive sign yet

I reckon we are going to win this battle

Too bloody right we are I thought.

Time to fight my way out of the blackness

Cranberry face needs a Grandpa.

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