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"Bacon?" she said

Long Pig

"Bacon?" she said I took the plate. It was a tiny guest house on a remote Scottish Isle but at least they had bacon.

We had come to see the seabirds but the weather had been filthy and I had been stuck for almost a month. Apparently I just had to wait until it lifted and the supply boat arrived. I couldn't get off until then.

Kevin my mate had gone missing. He just disappeared one night a week or so ago and his bed hadn't been slept in. It was unusual for the big man, he liked his kip and his beer.

I thought about it while I sipped my tea. We couldn't start looking until the weather lifted. The guest house lady wondered if he had fallen into the sea while he was drunk.

Kevin usually bounced back, he had never been gone for this long and I feared the worst. I chewed on my bacon, it was good, home cured the guest house lady told me.

Unusual flavour, if I didn't know better I would say it tasted hoppy and just a little like beer... Kevin would have loved it!*

Long Pig is the old name for the human main dish in a cannibal feast!

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