Joe And The Roses
Joe And The Roses son stories
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Joe takes a stroll

Joe And The Roses

"Mum it's me" he said tugging on her sleeve She turned from pruning the roses, her smile creased into a thousand elderly wrinkles "I don't think so dear, I don't recognise you at all" He sighed, it was hard when your own mother no longer knew who you were

"I'm Joe, remember" She shook her head, "I don't have a son called Joe, I would remember that, wouldn't I"

He turned and saw a familiar figure walking up the path "There you are Joe" she said taking his hand "I hope you haven't been bothering anyone" The lady with the roses smiled again, "it's ok, I think he just got a little confused"

The care assistant nodded " Joe is forty today, his wife and family are here to see him. Early onset dementia is a terribly confusing and frightening thing" The lady with the roses nodded "I'm nearly done anyway" she said " better get on and finish what they pay me for I suppose." "Bye Joe"

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