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bettyv Anything Might Happen
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I am constantly inspired by myth and legend. Thanks for reading :D


I remember the first time like it was yesterday. I lay on the hillside watching the sky, Charlie my little dog sniffing around beside me. Clouds are always interesting don't you think. They form patterns and the human brain does the rest.

I saw a mouse wearing a top hat once, but I am an actor and we are all imaginative! That day they were billowing up for a storm. Like marshmallow or a bit of poached egg that has escaped into the water.

I could have watched them for hours, until I saw the face! Rather stern with bushy eyebrows and a long nose. Bits of sky blue centred the eyes which gave it a piercing gaze, like it was judging me. I was unnerved to say the least.

Then I forgot like you do. Life took over and I got on with being me. Until it happened again: and again. A feature of my world, it is deadly accurate and never wrong.

The first time my dog died. The second time it was my mother and the third was a bus load of Japanese tourists parked under that wavering gaze. They hit a bridge-messy! It is always tragedy, I never get racing tips or the lottery numbers! I don't like it but I am resigned to my fate.

Today we are going on tour with a play. A sell out in London means we were taking it to Broadway. As I am talking to you I am sitting on the plane with a gin and tonic. I have just seen the face again, staring directly at the aircraft.

I'm guessing that this means we will crash or someone will have a coronary and breathe their last before we touch down. If I told the cabin crew they would all think I was mad or drunk or something! Nobody would believe me, they never do.

I have wondered over the years why I should see the face and no one else. I blame my parents for calling me Cassandra!

Cassandra was the daughter of King Priam of Troy. She was given the gift of prophecy but cursed never to be believed.

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