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It was one of those times you only get in Autumn Warm and mellow with a little heat still left in the day

Dog Days

It was one of those times you can only get in Autumn

Warm and mellow with a little heat still left in the day

The air seemed soft and calm as if mother earth was enjoying her salad days

Before the crisp fingers of winter tightened their grasp for yet another year.

I was in the churchyard gathering apples to make chutney

Squirrels chased along the tops of the warm stone walls and birds twittered in the trees.

I had often wondered about the people who had lived their lives in this place, and had been laid to rest in the graveyard when their time had come.

Some very old some very young, others in between. Just people, who had seen winters and summers and enjoyed the days of autumn like I was doing.

They too had smelt the approach of winter on a misty morning, and wondered how long it would be before the fog rolled in and snow fell.

They had seen hardship and loss and felt joy when it was their turn to feel it.

Was their joy made sweeter by the fact that they had little to begin with and were grateful for any mercies granted to them.

Now they lay in the earth, peaceful and untroubled by the made up cares of modern times.

It made me wonder if they would have smiled a little at our desires when a full belly and a warm hearth would have done them fine.

I picked up my basket and watched nature making ready for the cold, and realised that we were joined.

Myself and the squirrels and birds, and the long dead sleepers under the grass. All welcoming the beauty of the dog days of autumn.

A simple connection which united us all.

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