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He slept in his little hut

Dead Man's Turn

He slept in his little hut although he was supposed to be working. Like an old toad at the bottom of a pond he saw and heard nothing and everything. A defunct amusement park was a magnet for kids. Bored teenagers with scarcely anything to do, and he was there to keep an eye on things.

It was prime real estate and he stood watch over it until someone moved in for the kill. Rocks and Bill knew the ropes. They had been inside the park after closing many times before. They loved to creep around in the ghost train tunnels and frighten each other with all the saddo dummies.

Tonight was different, they were sky high, completely off their tits on something they had found when they robbed a drug store. It was good stuff and they were both ticking and feeling fine. Rocks had suggested they go ride the ghost train, but Bill said "it was lame and they should try something else instead."

They both looked at the ancient creaking rollercoaster with its wooden rails and they knew it was the only thrill they needed. Bill's brother had told them the electrics still worked and you just needed to throw the switch, so they did. It hummed into life.

Rocks said the "deaf old coffin dodger in the box would never hear them anyway." They blew the dust off a carriage with its faded paintwork and jumped on as it clattered past. Stately at first, it traversed the rails until it got to the first dip and then it took off toward dead mans curve as it was known.

They screamed in mock terror and Bill jumped on the back of the carriage and waved his arms at the world below. Rocks grinned and rocked the car making Bill swerve and flip him the bird. He swore and laughed, tonight he was a God, nothing could do him harm.

They rolled up and down manically screaming until Bill got bored. They jumped out at the top and climbed around under the rotting rails for a bit like a couple of chimps, leering at each other from beneath the planks.

Bill laid down across the tracks like a girl in a silent film and screamed “save me, save me Sir.” Rocks twirled his invisible cape like an old style villain with a moustache and yelled “scream all you want bitch” and they fell about laughing.

Neither of them heard the stately rumble of the carriages as they slipped their brakes. They made their turn as they always did and climbed to the top. Rocks saw it first but there was no time to get out of the way. The carriage with its faded paintwork was thundering nearer.

The headlights on the front blazed like yellow eyes as it careened into them. Bill was thrown high into the air on impact and he landed in a carriage, broken and bleeding. Rocks found himself speared onto the front as it swept on down the track.

When it reached the station the train didn't stop, not with passengers on board. The old man in the box grinned, they wanted thrills and they had them aplenty. The master would be very pleased because new plump souls were always in demand.

Rocks and Bill were in for the ride of a lifetime, well their after-lifetime anyway. It was lunchtime before anyone found the dead boys. The police examiner sighed, another pair of young lives wasted for a cheap thrill he thought. He spoke to the old man in the box, but the deaf old fool had heard nothing as usual.

He wondered why they did it? The young always thought they were invincible and that the highs would go on, forever. Sometime the ride had to stop. Eventually you had to get off and go home, or pay for another go.

The old man smiled, he knew very well that for these two the thrills were going to be endless.

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